Sunday, February 17, 2013

Repeat Performance, Spring Training edition

One avoidable annoyance in the world of journalism, from sports writing to weekly political punditry, is how writers repeat themselves.  It's a habit forced by the fact that they are given column space, need a paycheck, but often there just isn't anything new to say. 

With the start of spring training, and the fact that I see storylines that I've touched upon on this blog coming to pass, I could start repeating myself.  Doing such would make me feel like as lazy as a sports "journalist", though.  So, instead of wasting 800 words to say something again, let's call this segment: "LOOK AT HOW GODDAMN RIGHT I FUCKIN WAS, BECAUSE, FUCKIN A, I'M GODDAMN FUCKIN AWESOME SO WHIP OUT YOUR KNEEPADS AND FUCKIN SUCK IT". Because, you know, I'm humble. 

Storyline #1: First thing Mike Napoli does when he shows up to camp is get an MRI to make sure his hip is well enough to play baseball, which is otherwise known as "his job".  I touched upon this last month -- before he was signed -- in "The Many (Potential) Injuries of Mike Napoli". 

Storyline #2: The Red Sox medical staff is finally under the microscope.  I bitched about those assholes, and pointed out just how much they have changed since 2004, in my review of Shaughnessy's tomb, "Highway 2011 Revisited".  It's worth noting that Tito started telling Shaughnessy about medical staff issues in the book, but Shaughnessy just kinda goes la de da and doesn't explore the issue.  Because Shaughnesy is wicked fackin smaht. 

Whenever I need to let you know how fucking awesome I am again -- in less than 800 words -- I'll be sure to let you know.  This post, uh, was less than 800 words, right?

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