Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Papi, Small Deal

It's human nature to complain about everything...  Well, maybe it's just my nature because I'm an asshole.  So I'll mention a good thing: The money in the contract Ben just got David Ortiz to sign.  If Papi meets all of the incentives for each year, the contract will cost a total of $15 million a year.

With the money about the be thrown around this offseason, I guarantee you that before spring training, Papi's contract is going to look like a bigger steal than the $3 million Cody Ross got last year.  I mean, the Dodgers just inked Brandon League to a 3 year, $7.5 million per year deal to pitch 60 innings a year as a setup or mop-up reliever.  But, for an additional $7.5 million, the Red Sox just secured their best bet to get a .400 OBP, 35-40 HR and 120+ RBI hitter sitting in the meat of their batting order.

That's Pujols-like production for the price of a couple of crappy relievers, at current market value.  It almost feels like the Red Sox just molested Papi's wallet.  This is a spectacular deal for the team.

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