Monday, November 12, 2012

Name that Napoli contract!

Despite the Red Sox signing David Ross to be their Backup Plus Catcher (not just a backup, not quite a starter) for 2013 and 2014, there are still rumors swirling about going after Mike Napoli.  I've already covered how overrated Napoli's Fenway stats are, but it should also be noted that Texas refused to give Napoli a qualifying offer for $13 million a year before he hits the free agent market -- and Texas was ready to talk with David Ortiz if he went to free agency, and they still intend to give Josh Hamilton the boot.  So it's not like Texas doesn't nee a big bat or two in their lineup, so why are they willing to let Napoli walk without even the possibility of getting a draft pick for compensation?  Are they that afraid of Napoli actually staying there another year?  Very odd.

Regardless, the biggest question with Napoli is how much should he be compensated?  He was paid $9.4 million last season, and should have been offered $13 million next season for the kind of production that the Red Sox got out of Cody Ross for $3 million last season, and don't want to offer Ross a 3 year deal for $8.3 million per year.  So if the Red Sox don't want to give Ross fair pay, what should Napoli get?

Leave your most ridiculous, ludicrous offer in comments.  The winner receives a signed testicle from yours truly.  (Please bring latex gloves in case you have any of them crabbies.  Those fucking things hide in my fur and I can't afford another body wax job until I get my tax refund.)

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